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Colloque: Research on Asian papers

Il réunissait des conférenciers venus de Chine, Corée, France et Japon ; les thèmes abordés étaient :
SONODA Naoko, National Museum of Ethnology, Osaka, Japan: “Outline of Research on the Conservation of Paper and Books: New Techniques for Evaluation of Paper Deterioration”
OHTANI Hajime,Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan : “Evaluation of Paper Deterioration by Pyrolysis-Gas Chromatography”
JEONG Hye-Young, NRICH, Daejeon, Korea: “Material characteristics and the cause of damage of waxed papers of Annals of Joseon Dynasty”
OKAYAMA Takayuki,Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Japan “An Assessment on the Extent of the Deterioration of Naturally Aged Papers using Acoustic Emission Monitoring”
Guilhem ANDRE, Musée national des arts asiatiques Guimet, France,
Véronique ROUCHON, CRCC, France : « Excavation of an Archaeological Paper from Gol Mod site (Mongolia)”
SEKI Masazumi, Kochi Prefectural Paper Technology Center, Japan: “Database on Traditional Papermaking Centers in East Asian Region”
Claude LAROQUE, CRCC, France: “Khartasia : a Database on Asian Papers”
CHOI Tae-Ho, Chungbuk National University, Cheongju, Korea,
KIM Hyoung-Jin, Kookmin University, Seoul, Korea : “Hanji Traditional Korean Paper : Handsheet Making Process”
CHEN Gang, Fudan University, Shanghai, China: “The Characteristics of Traditional Papermaking Technique in North China”
Les textes des communications seront publiés dans la revue japonaise « Senri Ethnological Series » en juin 2012.