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Danshi (or michinoikugami – “Paper from the North”) was made across Japan during the Edo period (1603-1868) but its production would have started during the Nara period (710-794) or Heian period (794-1185); the first papers were made ​​from fibers of spindle tree (Eonymus sieboldiana Blume) and the kozo fibers replaced them during the Heian period.
Echizen (Fukui Prefecture) was a major production center but the northern region of Tohoku dominated this manufacturing; it was done in the Abukuma valley in the south and at Hiraizumi, north of Shiroishi which was the center of the paper industry for many centuries in Kamikawasaki in Adachi county (Fukushima prefecture); Adachi seems to have been the first michinokugami production place at the end of the tenth century. Its production will be exported in many parts of Japan.
In the Heian period the paper is popular in the court for writing. It has a wrinkled texture, shape adopted during the Edo period. It is used during ceremonies to wrap gifts and as luxury wrapping paper.
Dimensions: 47 / 61cm
Local scripture: 
Michinoikugami 陸奥紙